Friday, 27 July 2012

More Book Donation to Burma - July 27th 2012

Another Donation Drive towards Community Library in Rangoon
(Lawka Amon Library, Lingus Workshop ii, Thukha Alinn Library)
On the month of July 2012, we have donated one box each to the following community self-help libraries / reading rooms in Rangoon.

This is the third donation to Thukha Alinn Library.
First time to Lingua Workshop 2 (East Dagon)
First time to Lawka Amon Reading Room (Kyaut Tadar Township)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

SFBC Bookdrive at Burmese Community Thingyan

 The Thingyan Pwe, a Burmese water festival, was held on the 27th of May, by the Bay Area Burmese community.  At this event, the SFBC Bookdrive had a booth with various displays explaining what this bookdrive is about and detailing its importance in both the Burmese community here, in America, and in Burma.

It was also at this event that Dr. ZaW Tun, of the SoCalBA (Southern California Burmese Association), donated $200 towards fees for book donations.

This bookdrive have made 8 book deliveries towards 8 different libraries in just one year.We are currently reaching out for more donations, in the form of money, books, or service, in order to keep this project running smoothly. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

May and April Book Delivery

San Francisco Burmese Commnunity Bookdrive, supported by the Burmese in the Bay Area, donated two boxes of books to a self-help library and a non-profit education program. 

This past April, New Society Library, a self-help library in TarMwe, received a box of book.

Another box was accepted for a Kachin non-profit education program by a prominent woman activist, Daw Baut Jar. More books have been promised for FFSS Yangon Libarry by Kyaw Thu and his wife, when they met with lead volunteers, during April in San Francisco.

(Kyaw Thu Ya and Jason seen with FFSS Yangon's Kyaw Thu and Shwe Zee Kwet, while presenting children's books, in San Francisco)

The San Francisco Burmese Community receives books, especially children's books, in the form of donations from Burmese families and American Libraries. These books are packed in 1 1/2 cubic feet boxes, which holds 50-70 books. This bookdrive began last year and since then had delivered books to four libraries: New Light Direction Library, FFSS Libraruy, Thein Daung Monastic Library in Taung Gyi, and another monastic library in Peypin. 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Updates in April

Last month, 6 boxes were sent in 3 batches, costing $330. These boxes, containing books, will be sent to self-run libraries in schools and homes in remote rural areas.

Also, $150 in donations was made to New Light Direction. We have many positives to look forward to this month.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Charity Trip in December

In the month of December last year, Ko Jason traveled to Burma for an outreach with the Burmese community. He first went to New Light Direction and donated 20 issues of National Geographic and 100,000 kyat. He then went to FFSS Yangon to donate 57 issues of National Geographic. Lastly, he visited Pe Pin Monastic School and donated 50,000 kyat. He also met with children and promised them books. Overall this has been a successful trip.

Below are the receipts received from this trip:

Pictures from the Charity Trip in December

Pe Pin Monastic School:

FFSS Yangon Community Library:



New Light Direction:


Saturday, 3 December 2011

67 Books in One Batch Donated to FFSS Yangon Community Library

On November 19, 2011, 67 books were donated to FFSS Yangon Community Library. Here is the certificate of appreciation.