Friday, 29 July 2011

First Batch of Books Sent to Burma

Last Sunday, SFBC bookdrive sent 2 boxes of books ($40 per box, $80 in total for delivery charges) via container service by sea. The boxes should arrive by the first week of September to Rangoon, Burma.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

First Batch of Books that will be Delivered to Burma

These books (shown in the pictures above) will be sent to children's libraries and English classes for children, both of which  are sponsored by FFSF Yangon.

Monday, 4 July 2011

About SFBC Bookdrive

Our Significance and Necessity
SFBC Bookdrive was created by the Burmese community in San Francisco Bay Area to donate books to Burmese libraries and communities in need of them. The reason being that in Burma, children books and literature are needed in bulk and on a cheap scale, to encourage children's growth in knowledge and creativity, as well as learning English. In other countries, children books and literature are available to all. We need the same to in Burma. That is why we are lending our hands to do so.

  -to support and volunteer in educational and charity related works in needed community and neighbourhoods starting with our own Burmese community

 -to collect books (mainly children books) for libraries and communities ran by social support or educational organizations in Burma.


Work consists of
 -collecting books
 -collecting donations
 -categorizing books
 -cataloging, stamping, and marking books
 -packaging and delivering books
 -finding and organizing receiving ends (e.g. monastic schools, publicly supported schools and libraries)
 -informing and recruiting people
 -expanding SFBC Bookdrive

 -book package delivery (monthly) - US $150.00 
 -general expense (monthly) - US $50.00

Monthly Donations
 -$5 - $10 contributions collected from sponsors (see Members above)

Operation Components
 -photos and pamphlets
 -SFBC Bookdrive email (as a contact point)
 -email group (for all those in SFBC Bookdrive

(more information and details will be added in future posts)

Pwint Phyu Nandar, Thazin May Naing (Volunteers)

email -