Friday, 26 August 2011

Starting on the Second Batch of Books

Dear all,

As some of you may already know, we are doing a collective and volunteer book drive to donate to children and libraries in Burma where books are needed.

The blog is setup with the help our kids - Pwint Phyu & May Naing -

We have collected the 1st batch of books from the families of Maung Yit, Jason, Kyaw Thura, Khai KHai, U Ohn Myint & his friends.

We selected 2 boxes of books 1 box of children books and 1 box of English Language Learning books.
Jason, Kyaw Thura and Maung Yit donated US$ 80.00 for the shipping charge of the 2 boxes.
Last week of July, the boxes were picked up by the container service and are hoped to be delivered to FFSS-Yangon - Thukha Alin Library in Yangon on the first week of September.

Now we are ready for the 2nd book drive.

We want to deliver the books to Taung Gyi's Sayadaw's library in Taung Gyi, Shan State.
Sayadaw (U Nemeinda) gladly replied that he will make sure it will be in good hands at their monastic school and their children in need.
Now, we are collecting books. Later, we will be selecting books, and will be packaging and delivering them soon afterwards.
We need your valuable support.

We will also be sending out acknowledgement letters to all our books and charity donors and will post them on our simple blog.

We also welcome your volunteer work, spirit, idea, and suggestions, as well as your direct involvement. This our collective contribution. We support your neighbor and you support ours too.

We will do one step at a time to empower Burma with knowledge from books.

Maung Yit


Ko Jason, we are waiting for your thank-you-letter to give out to the book donors.

Ask your kids to collect 5 to 10 books (from themselves, their friends, or neighbourhood).